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Importance of Blogs for Websites

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

You will probably have noticed that most websites, no matter from which area, have their own blog by now. And the whole "blogging" doesn't happen completely without reason, of course. Below we'd like to give you a few reasons why the use of a blog on your website is so important.

Content is King

Traffic is important for your website. If no visitors come to your website, you can't sell products or earn money with affiliate marketing. That's why many website owners write a blog. This has 2 decisive advantages.

SEO Advantages

With lots of text you can rank relevant keywords on Google and attract so many visitors to your site. You can also get informative customers with blog articles. Example: What to consider when buying a TV. Here you will find people who want to inform themselves and do not yet have a clear purchase intention. You can convert them into buyers by sending them an article.

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Social Media Advantages

You can also share these articles in social media and increase your traffic with advertising campaigns. This is a common tactic to get a constant wave of buyers. You can find out exactly how to do this in our following article.

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Conclusion: A blog helps your website

A blog can help you get relevant benefits in SEO and social media. But there are also indirect advantages which we want to introduce to you.

A website blog creates interaction

With a blog on your website, you create the opportunity to interact with your visitors. This creates high conversion rates in the long run.

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