We advise you professionally, which homepage and content will go down well with your customers. It is important for us to learn the following from you:

- What would you like to achieve with the new homepage? 

- What is the main focus?

- Do you have your own pictures or do you still need some?

- Further questions?


In order to start with the construction of the homepage, we need from you as much as possible information and texts which may not be missing on the homepage. So we can start with the construction of the new website :

- Structure of the homepage, Navigation , The individual pages with content feel (as well as SEO optimization) and Design and Formatting



After everything as discussed on the homepage is positioned and designed and you like it we will work behind the homepage now. So all technical adjustments will be made. In about 1 - 3 weeks your new homepage will be online. If you want to change something at short notice - please contact us. Small things can still be adjusted after the live connection.

- With us you get 1-3h support per month for free.

- Latest Updates

- Up-to-date safety certificates - here we rely on experienced specialists

Task List


Think about who exactly your target group is. Are they private or corporate customers? Which generation do you address? Do male and female customers buy equally from you? Do you sell an exclusive product or a bargain?

Now it is a matter of working out an optimal offer from the customer's point of view.
Who are potential competitors?
How do they operate on the market and especially on the Internet?
Which gap in the market can you fill and how?

- What is it all about?

- What are the benefits for visitors?


Which national language(s) do your customers speak?
And are you able to provide the service you need?

Do you use a formal language style ("you") or rather the informal one ("you")?
Write from the customer's point of view ("My shopping cart") or from the supplier's point of view ("Order here").

Who is your website for?


Have you recently started your new business? Do you already have something like a uniform design for your entire website? Or is there even a style guide, which regulates the colour world, image world, fonts, language and so on in detail?

Either way, it is best to bring existing templates with you so that we can get a good overall picture as a starting point.

As a rule, an appearance can also be easily implemented on the Internet. However, for technical reasons, the Internet can sometimes not display certain fonts, colours and gloss shades such as gold optimally. In this case, we will advise you on a suitable solution.


A good logo is an investment in your brand that pays for itself over the years. Because many advertising materials are aligned with the logo, it is costly to change the logo later. Use the opportunity to create a suitable logo before creating a new homepage.Not only your company name benefits from a logo. Products, product lines, concepts, services and projects also gain brand character.You can use our logo service or send an existing logo to:  karina@designmywebsite.info